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Breathing of you, unlatching, unmoving surface of water.
Cam drive prevents premature unlatching and dropping of carts
After unlatching the four rounds from the magazine tube, the PO2 flicked off the safety and dry fired the gun--or, so he thought--to reset the action-bar release.
A new disc has to be inserted by unlatching and removing the tray, changing the disc and replacing the tray back into the inhaler.
In depositions, the younger Singh claims he released his seatbelt, escaped the car then watched as his efforts and those of valiant bystanders failed in unlatching the elder Singh's seatbelt.
A simple unlatching of the roof and 12-second press of the electric switch leads to it pivoting on its axis and folding into the boot lid.
Electrically operated, it requires no unlatching or arcane procedures to operate, and retracts in just 20 seconds, making it possible to drop the top at traffic lights without the potential embarrassment of being caught at half mast when the lights turn green.
The operation of the hardtop is one-touch with automatic latching and unlatching and takes just 22 seconds to fold clamshell-style beneath the double-hinged boot lid.
Edward Bell III LLC, in Georgetown, SC, where he was co-counsel in the first outside door handle inertial unlatching case upon discovery of a hidden and cancelled recall in 2000 by Ford Motor Company engineers and executives.
Testing by an independent engineering firm hired by a national TV news network, showed that the Gen3 fails "100 percent of the time" a standard auto industry test for unintentional unlatching.
The suit focuses on the vehicles' seat belt buckle, known as the Gen 3, which is prone to unlatching during accidents or from around child or infant car seats in sharp turns or sudden stops.
At least three deaths in the United States so far have been attributed to inadvertent unlatching of the Gen3 seat belt.