unlawful act

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If a policeman catches him in an unlawful act and proceeds to arrest him, the offender proclaims that he is a student, and perhaps shows his matriculation card, whereupon the officer asks for his address, then goes his way, and reports the matter at headquarters.
This was, so far, the one unlawful act committed by labour, and that it was a concerted act he was fully convinced.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- A comprehensive drive has been launched by the AJK electricity department across the state to end line losses, besides the unlawful act of power pilferage.
The Anti Austerity Alliance deputy said the officer tried to justify the move as the money will be used to encourage the commission of an unlawful act.
E[currency]en recalled that many judges and prosecutors were recently dismissed or jailed without a fair trial because of their rulings and added: "No illegal and unlawful act can be justified.
The Minister said this is not the unlawful act but also a challenge for the government to establish its writ.
This means Levi-Blu DID die as the result of an unlawful act, that the parents lived in the same household, and had frequent contact with the toddler.
In the case of an intentional unlawful act or omission causing death, the perpetrator may be guilty of the crime of murder [6] and civilly liable for a dependant's action if the deceased person was supporting lawfully recognised dependants.
The petitioner stated that cable operators have not yet restored Geo News on its previous position despite the order issued by the Supreme Court which is an unlawful act and open violation of the apex court's order.
Randy's plan was to go out driving, holding a phone-cookie up to his face and chatting with it, simulating California's unlawful act of driving while talking on a cell phone.
Colin Kaler, 51, Terrence Hughes, 53, and Stuart Tribelnig, 38, who were tasked with removing him, are to be charged with unlawful act manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter as an alternative, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
We will not tolerate this policy to continue any more -- it is now time state government to revoke all their cycle of unlawful act against the civilians otherwise we as lawmakers have united and impeachment or vote of no confidence will be imposed against any formal mistreatment of our citizens made by any government post holders.