unlawful detention

See: detainer
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The High Court has compelled the Interior ministry to pay 11 petitioners Sh51 million for unlawful detention.
Violations included unlawful detention, restriction of access to events -- particularly those unfolding in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem, as well as beatings and physical intimidation.
As a friend to Kenya, Canada is deeply concerned by some of the Government of Kenyas recent actions, including the unlawful detention of opposition members without due process or access to counsel, and the shutdown of, and restrictions on, certain media outlets.
A fresh case of non-stop torture during weeks-long unlawful detention of two suspected robbers is the latest example of CIA's performance.
The APHC Chairman said that fake allegations and accusations spreading over 13,000 pages and lengthy list of 300 witnesses was a ploy to target the resistance leaders and activists to malign them and link them with subversive activities and prolong their unlawful detention.
Summary: Unlawful detention, often in poor conditions and in a vacuum of legal rights, has become the enforcement tool of Britain's policy
Four Iraqi citizens have won High Court damages against the Ministry of Defence arising out of their ill-treatment and unlawful detention during the Iraq War.
Head of Garissa human right defenders, Mr Muktar Dahir, said the violations range from extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, unlawful detention and torture, among others.
The EU is allowing the Libyan coastguard to return refugees and migrants to a country where unlawful detention, torture and rape are the norm.
According to reporter, the APHC spokesman in a statement issued in held Srinagar expressed concern over the continued unlawful detention of Hurriyet leader, Mohammad Yousuf Parrey, saying that the authorities while defying court rulings have slapped the third draconian law, Public Safety Act, on him.
According to initial reports, the NHMP personnel were first roughed up and then taken to Attock Fort, where they were kept under unlawful detention for a while before being finally released, sources added.
He also suggested that the government should amend Article 228 of unlawful detention in the Egyptian Penal Code by adding a law criminalising enforced disappearance.