unlawful entry

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She pleaded guilty to unlawful entry and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, all suspended, and put on a year's probation.
pdf) few exceptions , prosecutions for unlawful entry and reentry remained low until 2005.
The other nine, who had previously made bids to enter the UK, were jailed after pleading guilty to unlawful entry.
Lente, run by lawyers, law students, paralegals and 6,000 volunteers nationwide, said they monitored unlawful entry of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and barangay officials in polling precincts.
The lorry, believed to have come from France, was stopped on the A1 near the junction with Stamford, and the 54-year-old driver, from Dover, was arrested on suspicion of assisting unlawful entry to the UK.
statute that does not have the element of unlawful entry could still
The people seeking to gain unlawful entry to this country are vulnerable and are being used by other people.
He refused to leave and was arrested for unlawful entry.
A German national has been arrested on suspicion of facilitating the unlawful entry of people into the UK in connection with that investigation.
Embrey ruled it a justifiable homicide, citing both the "castle doctrine," which provides that a person may use deadly force to prevent or terminate an unlawful entry into his home, and an Indiana self-defense statute, which states deadly force is justified when preventing serious bodily injury to yourself or someone else.
The driver was charged with unlawful entry, a misdemeanor.
Soon the police arrived and found foot marks on her boundary wall and the neighbor's wall, suggesting that the neighbor's villa too had an unlawful entry.

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