unlawful practice

See: guilt
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The Pre-hospital Emergency Care Act penalizes the illegal use of the Universal Emergency Telephone Number and the unlawful practice of prehospital emergency-medical service.
He imposed fine on violators and warned them of strict action if they continue this unlawful practice in future.
The magistrate also imposed a fine of Rs10,000 against power pilferers and warned them of sending to jail if they did not leave this unlawful practice.
Aimco CEO Terry Considine said in the release, "Airbnb continues its unlawful practice of knowingly promoting the breaking of lease agreements between residents and property owners and profiting from illegal rentals of properties it does not own.
Michaelides, not only had the right but the obligation to expose the education ministry's unlawful practice.
He added that elements involved in this unlawful practice would spend Eid in jails.
Currently, 20 Palestinian journalists are being detained by Israel, including Omar Nazzal who is being held under the unlawful practice of administrative detention.
claims the university was one of three to be "consistently adopting unlawful practice.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations human rights office voiced concerns over Israel's so-called administrative detention, calling on Tel Aviv to end the unlawful practice of detaining Palestinians without charge or trial.
The UAE laws pertinent to the medical field do not include a single article that authorises the closure of a hospital in cases related to unlawful practice of medicine.
The GMC had taken the decision on an investigation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which confirmed the unlawful practice.
The unlawful practice of road blocking is widely spread in Kyrgyzstan at present, Deputy Interior Minister Kursan Asanov said today at the plenary session of the Parliament while presenting the amendments to the Administrative Liability Code initiated by the government.