unlawful restriction

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For example, the imposition of a minimum price, currently being considered in Scotland, could amount to an unlawful restriction contrary to Article 28 of the European Community Treaty.
For example, the biggest cost to the business may be reputational rather than any statutory penalty directly associated with the unlawful restriction of board places to men.
However, the Government's proposals breach EU rules, this one creates an unlawful restriction on inter-community trade under Article 28.
They also say the directive violates the central community principle of subsidiarity, meaning decisions should be taken at the lowest practical level - in this case by competent authorities in the UK - and is an unlawful restriction on the freedom to trade.
They have already given away the UK's right to decide such matters as it would be an unlawful restriction on inter-community trade under Article 28.
After detailed consideration, the union is assessing other legal avenues and we remain committed to supporting a challenge to what we believe is an unlawful restriction on producers' ability to take action to prevent the spread of TB on their farms.
The couple say the order amounts to an unlawful restriction o n trade under European Union law.
Leaf imports increased in 1996 due to the replacement of the "Domestic Content" law, which was deemed an unlawful restriction on trade by the World Trade Organization, with the implementation of the Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) system in September 1995.
The judge held that the UK's requirement that reimbursement was subject to prior authorisation based on waiting time targets was an unlawful restriction.
Journalist Yavuz Baydar, who is the founder of the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24), said the unlawful restrictions that have been imposed by the government on the Turkish media so far are against the relevant articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECtHR) and the spirit of the Turkish Constitution, whose Article 90 states that principles of universal law will be considered when domestic laws contradict universal law rulings.
Since December last year, the group reportedly documented unlawful restrictions on expression and the media in South Sudan.
A few days later a women's charity said there was "very clear evidence" that unlawful restrictions are being imposed on access to legal aid for women who want to bring court proceedings related to domestic violence.