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UNLAWFULLY, pleadings. This word is frequently used in indictments in the description of the offence; it is necessary when the crime did not exist at common law, and when a statute, in describing an offence which it creates, uses the word, 1 Moody, Cr. Cas. 339; but it is unnecessary whenever the crime existed at common law, and is manifestly illegal. 1 Chitty, Crim. Law, *241; Hawk. B. 2, c. 95, s. 96; 2 Roll. Ab. 82; Bac. Abr. Indictment, G 1 Cro. C. C. 38, 43.

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He did not consume drugs and was detained unlawfully as a traffic policeman had apprehended him in a drug case.
He is also charged with unlawfully using that passport at the said centre as part of documents necessary to finalise the medical tests and obtain a residence visa.
In addition, he said Carlos Estrada Valencia, 44, was unlawfully killed, saying he was shot and the victim of explosion; Sebastian John, 26, was unlawfully killed while being held hostage by terrorist; Carson Bilsland, 46, was unlawfully killed in an explosion; Kenny Whiteside, 59, was unlawfully killed while being held as a human shield; and Stephen Green, 47, was unlawfully killed.
Legal counselor Mohammad Al-Thaali confirmed that the directorate unlawfully extended the detention period after misinterpreting the deportation decision and process.
The report recommends the legislation reinforce the common law position that a person who has unlawfully killed another person should not be able to acquire a benefit in consequence, so as to manifest the community's denunciation of the killing and deter persons from unlawfully killing for financial gain.
More than 700 buildings and premises were erected in Bishkek, 260 of them were built unlawfully, he said.
1 of 2007" which, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, empowered the President to amend the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 from time to time and he also suspended the Fundamental Rights enshrined in Articles 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 25 of the Constitution and he thereby subverted the Constitution and thus committed the offence of high treason punishable under section 2 of the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973 (Act LXVIII of 1973), which is within the jurisdiction of the Special Court established under section 4 of The Criminal Law Amendment (Special Courts) Act, 1976 (XVII of 1976).
The development in the Al-Sweady Public Inquiry saw PIL announce that, following the conclusion of the military's case, there was "insufficient evidence" the Iraqi men were unlawfully killed whilst in the custody of British troops in May 2004.
A statement by PIL said: "Following the conclusion of the military evidence and current state of disclosure by the MoD it is our view there is insufficient material to establish that Iraqi civilians were unlawfully killed whilst in the custody of British troops at Camp Abu Naji and we have advised the inquiry of this conclusion.
More so 50 godowns and pack houses also have been demolished that have been constructed unlawfully and in total 70 Acres land has been retrieved by Karachi port.
Indeed, a legitimately and lawfully acting government cannot be expected to carry out a massive reshuffle of public servants unlawfully and based on pure conjecture.
Mr Williams's family still believe that he was unlawfully Killed.