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By creating multimillion- dollar global enterprises, a deep connection with his two young children, a healthy and vital body, a confident mindset that he controlled, and loving relationships, he unlearned the lies and reinforced the truths of his life.
The rats learned and then unlearned a bar-pressing routine that gave them access to an unlimited amount of alcohol.
6) If reimbursement were tied to compliance, rather than to outcomes, the deviant physician would in fact be penalized for doing the potentially better thing, and the lessons of innovation would go unlearned.
Many of your readers for the most part are unconcerned, unlearned, naive and who almost never read the editorial pages of a metropolitan daily newspaper.
html) offers a judicious compromise: "His style is lofty and noble, beautified with rhetorical ornaments and figures, but somewhat studied; and the length of his periods makes him sometimes obscure to the unlearned.
We learn about the world and our place in it from the moment we're conceived, and it's virtually guaranteed that some of those lessons will have to be unlearned if we are going to lead liberated lives.
As she puts it: "We are born with an unlearned readiness to seek and respond to mutuality, to belong to a group, to find and make (and share) meaning, and to handle and make things with our hands from the natural world, thereby acquiring a sense of competence for life.
The need for such a book, according to the preface, arose from the fact that local courts were typically staffed with people unlearned in the law.
This is a bad book, unlearned in its titular subject, petulant, and poorly argued.
Amid snappy flowcharts and impressively footnoted diagrams, we learn that no one is born homosexual, no one chooses to have same-sex attractions, anyone can choose to change, what was learned can be unlearned, and, my favorite, "It's not gay nor bad, it's SSAD--Same-Sex Attachment Disorder.
Zentall, Steirn, Sherburne, and Urcuioli (1991) have assumed a mechanism of the dissociation between stimulus dimensions of two pairs of stimuli as follows: Stimuli can have both unlearned and learned representations.