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The good news is that what children learn to do, can also be unlearnt.
But there were lessons that remained unlearnt in the safe world of make believe.
President Bush unlearnt the lessons of Neo-Conservatism even before his first term was over but there are those who will take longer, who believe in the efficacy of stick and carrot.
Philoponus suggests five or sooner, reasoning the child will learn more easily, is more pliant, has not learnt 'shrewdnesse' which must be unlearnt, would be removed from the company of rude children, and could go to university earlier which would be their parents' desire.
Billy Wilder said that God had kissed Hepburn on the cheek with talent and it appeared, unlearnt and untaught.
Crone ends her compelling treatment of early Makkan trade by concluding modestly: "This is a book in which little has been learnt and much unlearnt.
Others objected because they had not properly unlearnt the intercommunal and racial prejudices imbibed before independence.