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However, unlike the external narrator, whose deadpan is framed by Twain's authorial persona, the figure of the unlettered dialect-speaker is necessarily mediated, and his use of deadpan as a deliberate affect can only be construed through interpretation.
Qur'an, 48:8-9) "Believe in Allah and His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet.
If there is a problem it is that our sources do not enable us to go beyond a high literary realm, such that, as usual, the majority of the population who were unlettered evade our scrutiny (see his useful reservations expressed on p.
Medical facilities can be utilized in order to prevent the havoc of thalassemia, but due to unlettered with provided medical prerequisite illiterate mothers can't get fruit of these provided means.
Adding to the tragedy of the situation, Pandey's relatives are unlettered, and they too remain unaware of the expiry danger their patient is being put through.
Is it not a miracle that Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is described as an unlettered Prophet yet he gives the world a law allowing people what is good for them and prohibiting them what is harmful.
And if at times, when expedient for the unlettered people; it happen that the facts and narratives of sacred Scripture are portrayed and represented; the people shall be taught, that not thereby is the Divinity represented, as though it could be seen by the eyes of the body, or be portrayed by colours or figures.
When the newspaper asked Aziza Mohammad Al Hanouma why she became a student after a long break, she answered: "When I was unlettered, I always felt embarrassed as my kids ask me for help with their homework.
Ann Wright's English translation likewise endeavors to simulate this effect of an unlettered, indigenous Guatemalan victim speaking directly to her first world reader.
The Minister in charge of the Trinity Methodist Church, Madina, The Very Reverend Helena Opoku-Sarkodie, who was a special guest at the inauguration, charged the management and staff of the bank to be creative and simplify business procedures in order to make banking more attractive to the unlettered and ordinary people.
The Ishihara Test for Unlettered Persons is an alternative and has transformation designs with circles and squares (see Figure 3).
In his capacity as Reader (Associate Professor) in the Social History of Music at the RCM, Wright enjoyed unlettered access to the rich seam of primary source materials contained in the RCM archive.