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The Department of Tourism hasn't been idle on the problem and has always been aware of the threat that comes with unlicenced tour agencies, which are mostly identified as outbound tour operators.
TWO friends died after mixing an unlicenced drug bought over the internet with a heroin substitute.
It follows a change in the law in April which gave the council new street trading powers to tackle unlicenced sellers.
30pm on OSN Comedy Jonathan Ames, a writer based in Brooklyn, New York City, decides to moonlight as an unlicenced private eye after his girlfriend breaks up with him.
The 21 were found guilty of charges including "forming a terrorist group to change the constitution and its monarchical system", inciting sectarian hatred, organising unlicenced protests, collecting money for an unspecified "terrorist group" and collaborating with a foreign country, a reference to Iran.
However, dismissed workers must be pardoned in accordance with royal recommendations if the layoffs were due to absence from work on suspicion of the workers' participation in strikes or sit-ins or unlicenced protests or for any reason lacking evidence.
But he was spotted using his unlicenced Mitsubishi car.
Lebanon, which has among the highest prices for telecom services in the world, has had a problem with illegal ISPs for a number of years and some analysts estimate that unlicenced operators could account for some 40% of the country's internet market.
The grand jury report found that he had been the subject of many complaints over the years, including several of unsanitary conditions in his clinic and the using of unlicenced personnel.
Neither should uninsured or unlicenced drivers who deliberately flout the law.
Brett Holmes told conference delegates of the Association's deep concern with the State Government's proposal to introduce unlicenced workers to public hospitals.
The court heard Kiely started dealing in unlicenced loans in 2003, then set up a company to carry on his illegal money lending.