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The Vodafone LTE trials with unlicensed spectrum are being conducted over Vodafone's network in the Netherlands.
This report considers the options available to operators for providing improved capacity and high peak speeds using unlicensed spectrum.
Municipal officials also served four warnings to the unlicensed street vendors, while waste management teams worked to clean the area.
The rise of unlicensed banks is also claimed to have increased fraud.
The question over the SCAF amendment arose when two individuals were arrested in the Nile Delta city of Damanhour in possession of an unlicensed machine gun.
This study will be an important step towards understanding how professionals and patients use unlicensed medicines and will add to the debate on the place of unlicensed medicines within the NHS.
After the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Ministry of Manpower have noticed that unqualified trainers and unlicensed trainers are carrying out music classes in the Sultanate, they had planned to curb them.
It is a criminal offence to allow waste to be disposed of by an unlicensed carrier and under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, a breach of duty of care could lead to a penalty of up to PS5,000 if convicted in the magistrates' court or an unlimited fine if convicted in crown court.
Mohammed Ali, 22, of Riverslea Road, Coventry, was convicted of keeping an unlicensed vehicle.
Edimilson Lopes, 24, of 28 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, unlicensed operation, responsible, $100 fine.
The appeal is two consolidated class action cases where the plaintiffs sued alleging that corporations engaged in the unlicensed practice of law when they prepared closing documents and other paperwork in connection with mortgages.
The charges relate to last April when Young, a licensed private hire operator, driver and vehicle proprietor, was caught using an unlicensed vehicle.