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This charming, sober little book tells the story of how, shortly after Murakami embarked on a career as a novelist, he was blindsided by an even unlikelier idea: to go for a run.
Perhaps the marketing gurus are right, and pushing the product using unlikely celebs in unlikelier situations is the way forward.
Nashimi argues that while on the surface, such a meeting may be a cause for hope on a number of fronts, recent developments make it unlikely, and any sort of alliance emanating from an Allawi-Maliki meeting unlikelier still.
Saturday was one of the unlikelier grudge matches in the FA Cup fixture list.
As unlikely as Faye's story is--more on that later--the story of the show is unlikelier still.
IT is one of nursing's unlikelier medical developments, but those often pampered pedigree dogs that make an exhibition of themselves at Crufts may actually be a lynchpin to fighting genetic diseases in humans.
If they think the Bush era ushered in a police state, they would do well to read Andrew Meier's The Lost Spy, which, in the course of unearthing one of the unlikelier sagas in the annals of US-Soviet espionage, is a masterful rendering of the government's repression of left-wing political ferment during World War I.