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Captain Grant Leadbitter stood up and continued his exemplary record from the spot, before Downing added a third to hand Boro the unlikeliest of victories.
Each week, he'll take Britain's unlikeliest 'dancers' and attempt to transform them into slick, street-dancing stars.
This Lebanese blogger has found it in the unlikeliest place from the unlikeliest person: a politician on Twitter
The Daily Mail declared it "so deliriously corny that I can imagine it becoming the unlikeliest hit of the year.
The unlikeliest of heroes in the unlikeliest of victories struggled more than most to process quite how he came to be holding aloft the Hopetoun Cup in Edinburgh on Saturday.
18 (ANI): Prince Charles's personal whisky blend has emerged as the most popular drinks among Russia's new elite, making the future king as Scotland's unlikeliest whisky exporter.
SEVILLE brought Real Madrid to their knees on Sunday and Hills and Paddy Power have shortened them to 10-1 to produce the unlikeliest of La Liga triumphs.
Here, CRAIG McQUEEN looks at some of the unlikeliest.
Yes, it''s a barmy premise and it gets barmier, all the way to the unlikeliest ending on the planet.
Summary: Andy Murray drew the inspiration to beat Simone Bolelli in the Madrid Open from the unlikeliest of places - rival Rafael Nadal.
The humour supposedly comes in the second half of the book when Jonno tests these nicknames on the unlikeliest of people.
SECRET SUPPERS: ROGUE CHEFS & UNDERGROUND RESTAURANT IN WAREHOUSES, TOWNHOUSES, OPEN FIELDS & EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN visits ten 'outlaw' eateries across the country, blending storytelling with portraits of rogue chefs who entertain in the unlikeliest of situations, throwing dinner parties, cooking topless, and running underground restaurants out of lofts and countryside alike.