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Under the conditions, the conflict in Syria seems to have been pushed into the dark tunnels of international politics and power rivalries, virtually creating uncertainty over, and consequently the unlikelihood of, bringing it to a temporary halt in the immediate future.
Recently, two senior prelates in the Society have spoken openly about the unlikelihood of an agreement of reconciliation.
His poetry is always on point, hence the heartbreak for me, as also in Halflife he famously says, "All my poems seem to be an ongoing argument with myself about the unlikelihood of salvation.
they may not be able to recover anything from Algosaibi with rulings notoriously difficult to enforce in Saudi Arabia, together with Aothe unlikelihood of
The LIA-ROC predicts unlikelihood for domestic life-insurers to score NT$1 trillion in FYP revenues this year due to slowing sales of once-popular products as interest-variable annuities, six-year-term endowment, and structured-bond-linked policies.
Among his arguments is the unlikelihood that not only such a crucial text would vanish, but also any mention of it.
In a sense, that sort of speaks to the unlikelihood that Brian was going to get a shot this season.
29 percent, and the unlikelihood of bankruptcy filings.
Abraham made the additional point that Dairy Queen does not offer a frozen yogurt, having opted out of that category some time ago, which added to the unlikelihood that anyone could confuse the Yogubliz shops with any Dairy Queen offering.
While such measure would support the dollar from falling further, it is unlikely to reverse the current trend of the weakening dollar in the face of more monetary easing steps in the United States and the unlikelihood of Japan's currency intervention, Kanehira added.
Your excellent editorial in the April 24 issue of Science News ("An intelligent ET would probably just stay home") explained the most obvious reasons for the unlikelihood of an extraterrestrial message, let alone visitors.
Hariri talked to reporters about the unlikelihood of an Israeli war on Lebanon saying, "Foreign officials have made it clear to me that they would not allow Israel to attack Lebanon.