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A sort of non-superhero, whose unlikeliness itself is present in his vagrant-like appearance, particularly the colour of his skin (he being a sharp contrast to the white, middle- to upper-class Supermans and Batmans that make up the typical superhero grammar) one of the main challenges a character who looks like Hancock faces in playing a superhero is to overcome a less than favourable persona in order satisfy the role itself.
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The unlikeliness of this counterexample stems from the traditional construal of the Scriblerians (Pope, Gay, Arbuthnot, and Swift) (1) as pursuing a quintessentially print-based strategy of satire--creating typographically elaborate tomes; becoming the first writers to make a living from the print market; and chastising "bad" uses of print and encouraging others.
This begs the question, what exactly is the missile shield designed to do, especially given the unlikeliness of an Iranian missile attack of Europe anyways.
He calculates the unlikeliness of the present universe, and mentions ergodicity, Boltzmann's problem of the eternal return, but only in passing.
Frank's obsession with the unlikeliness of the plays having been written by an obscure actor from Stratford-upon-Avon is failing to stimulate much traffic on the website's hotline.
The unlikeliness of this scenario suggests that, despite the uncertainty and fear for those facing trial, these costs do not outweigh the erosion of the real disutility of a sentence that occurs through discounting.
I was distracted by the strangeness of the experience, the unlikeliness of me, sitting in the Sony theater, watching a movie based on my book.
The long haul to get this movie made indicates the unlikeliness of that.
Preston observes the unlikeliness of Sandy's rapid forgiveness of Jeffrey, (68) and notes the disconcerting and persistent sense of her father's complicity in the crimes surrounding Dorothy: '[t]here was something sinister about the way he talked--the questions he asked, and the dark room--lighted only by a red-shaded lamp--where he and Jeffrey conferred.
A statement by US authorities regarding the unlikeliness of a negotiated settlement before the deadline apparently makes a renewed legal fight over subsidies to Airbus and Boeing likely.