unlikely to cause harm

See: innocuous
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Furthermore, the proposal is unlikely to cause harm to highways safety or visual amenity or flooding.
Both physicians and patients should be reminded that "one simple screen" often forces elderly or frail patients onto a track of continued surveillance, biopsies, and removal of lesions that are unlikely to cause harm, with the attendant complications, the investigators added.
If monitored and treated, HV is unlikely to cause harm to a baby but weight loss during pregnancy puts the baby at risk of being born with a low birth weight.
It is very unlikely to cause harm, and not only reduces the symptoms of dysmenorrhoea but also has other positive effects on health.
Even though most of their efforts were unlikely to cause harm, the lead researcher says clinicians should probably be aware that their patients might be trying to take labour matters into their own hands.
In any case, the very small amount contained in an energy efficient bulb is unlikely to cause harm even if the lamp should be broken.
1 [micro]g/kg/day for methylmercury as an estimate of the daily exposure unlikely to cause harm over a lifetime.
The Pesticide Residues Committee said the occasional consumption of inorganic bromide at that level was unlikely to cause harm.
An overall conclusion is that phytoestrogen-rich foods such as soy, incorporated into a diet rich in a variety of plant foods, are unlikely to cause harm, although the authors do caution against use of large doses of supplements because they do not have the same long term history of safe use.
However, the officers' report to the planning committee said that the application is acceptable as "it is a sustainable location which would help the council maintain its fiveyear supply of housing and is unlikely to cause harm to residential amenity, highway safety, ecology or important landscape features".
Health experts at the Mayo Clinic noted that moderate consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages is unlikely to cause harm, but large quantities in excess of 500 mg, or more than four cups of coffee, can cause difficulty sleeping, irritability, restlessness, stomach problems and irregular heartbeat.