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Services offered will include single and multi-camera field production, satellite unlinking and down linking, live remote broadcasting, web casting, and video editing services, broadcast equipment rental, crewing, studio production as well as providing news and event coverage for distribution worldwide.
Devulcanizing" is the process of unlinking all these chains again so that they can again behave virtually as the original raw rubber and mixtures with carbon black as virtually that of the compounded stock from which rubber products are made.
The creating, linking and unlinking of vaults makes the management of business and personal digital identities easy.
The significant results in this cycle reflect the effect of unlinking trades in SwapClear and the compression efficiency achieved when trades are concentrated in one book rather than dispersed across many trading books in an organization, said Peter Weibel, CEO of triReduce.
XPert TextLink: Provides an intuitive palette for linking and unlinking text boxes and text paths