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Eight thousand and 860 tons of fisheries were unloaded in the Governorate of Musanadam while the quantity of unloaded fisheries reached 6 thousand and 819 tons in the Governorate of Muscat.
Meanwhile, unloaded and loaded cargo at Salalah port recorded a growth of 43.
In most cases, ships set to sea in the order they are to be unloaded when they reach their destination.
The end, sidebank and rear valley cores are unloaded from the third core machine and are placed onto individual regrip stands.
According to law, ships must be unloaded within 20 days after arrival.
And all too frequently, the trail leads back to the point where material was unloaded from the railcar into the customer's plant.
Antony became the latest victim of the gawking fee when members of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions thrashed him after he refused to pay them as he had unloaded the sacks of cement meant for the construction of his house himself.
Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has loaded and unloaded more than 1.
Another southbound Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) train stopped and unloaded its passengers during the rush hour on Tuesday morning.
Muscat, Aug 8 (ONA) The total quantity of the fishes unloaded by artisan fishing in the Sultanate reached 78,145 tons by the end of last April with a 12.