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Also silos, railcar unloaders, pneumatic conveyors, belt conveyors, metal detectors/ separators, granulators, gravimetric and volumetric feeders, resin dryers and recycling equipment.
Mr Flanagan has found that the unloader can work with lathes equipped with chucks, collet chucks, or dead-length collet chucks.
Bulk bag unloader manufacturers offer various options and extras.
PSR chose Siwertell again mainly because of its experience with its first road-mobile Siwertell unloader," says Mr Ojeda.
Truck unloaders are placed on a platform above the rail tracks where they are used to feed the rail car hoppers.
Railcar unloaders are custom built to handle over 10,000 lb/hr.
The operator already has experience of Siwertell's multi-cargo capabilities, as one of its existing unloaders is used to handle both of these commodities.
The low profile unloader is constructed of stainless steel and finished to sanitary standards, and is offered with load cells and programmable controls for automated weigh batching of ingredients directly from bulk bags and/or rigid bins.
Railcar unloaders with single- or double-blower vacuum/pressure systems accommodate conveying distances exceeding 1000 ft.
Newly designed high-speed unloaders are positioned at desired locations along the overhead cut-up line, and feature dual guide bars to minimize product swinging.
This new contract demonstrates the undisputable reputation of Siwertell mobile unloaders," says JE[micro]rgen Ojeda, Sales Director, Mobile Unloaders, Siwertell.
We decided to go with a system of bulk bag unloaders and flexible screw conveyors from Flexicon because the flexible screw conveyors require less time to disassemble, clean, sanitize and reassemble between different product runs.