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The challenge will be to ensure that unloads keep pace.
At Thunder Bay, CN unloads totaled 1,109 cars, 92 percent of 1,200-car target.
The shortfall in orders means that the industry will not likely achieve its unload guidelines at Thunder Bay for the rest of August.
Snapshot Utilities require BMC Software's COPY PLUS, CHECK PLUS, UNLOAD PLUS and XBM V1.
COPY PLUS, CHECK PLUS, UNLOAD PLUS and XBM are available internationally through BMC Software's offices in Paris; Frankfurt, Germany; Milan, Italy; Tokyo; Copenhagen, Denmark; Madrid, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; Camberley, England and Nieuwegein, Netherlands; and from BMC Software's independent agents in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela.
The UNLOAD clinical trial is the first randomized study to compare the safety and efficacy of a non-drug-based option with standard intravenous diuretic drug therapy to treat heart failure patients.
Current treatment strategies which rely solely on intravenous diuretics have limited efficacy, as indicated by the re-hospitalization rates for worsening heart failure," said UNLOAD Study Principal Investigator Maria Rosa Costanzo, M.
In the UNLOAD study, 200 patients with acute decompensated heart failure were equally randomized at 28 institutions across the United States to either ultrafiltration using the Aquadex FlexFlow[TM] system or standard IV (intravenous) diuretic therapy, and evaluated at 48 hours and out to 90 days following discharge.
The UNLOAD study results conclusively demonstrate that physicians, nurses and hospitals have a safe, more predictable, more effective and simply a better way to manage CHF patients with fluid overload," said David Springer, president and chief executive officer of CHF Solutions, the trial sponsor.