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The coalition used much money to deploy an army of signature-gatherers to get their measure on the ballot, but they have shown little indication that they will unloose hired field workers to boost turnout.
And perhaps more relevant to our context, the traveller would unloose the burden (his possessions
Frantic that his monstrous hands cannot unloose his sore feet from the crippling double knots tied in his shoelaces by the white nurse, he continues on the road to try to "tie the loose cords in his mind" and discover the secret of who he is and why the nurse labels him "Private" (10).
Unloose free market forces and the resulting competition will bring down rates, eliminate discriminatory pricing and improve service.
Persolvo: Latin Verb - to unloose, explain, expound/pay off a debt, pay.
Wars mitigated business slumps and brought abnormally high levels of employment; demobilization unloose a different kind of havoc on England's largest community.
There will come an age in the far-off years when Ocean shall unloose the bonds of things, when the whole broad earth shall be revealed, when Tithys shall disclose new worlds [novos .
Shakespeare, in Troilus and Cressida: "Weake wanton Cupid Shall from your necke unloose his amorous fould.
Elsewhere, in an excerpt featuring a barroom brawler Southern Jesus who "would have kicked your teeth in you couldn't pull that shit on him," Francis unlooses a bluesy prayer of supplication:
It may be some time before the chancellor unlooses his purse strings, but part of that exercise has to bring ownership and control of national resources back where they belong.
In this exchange the play unlooses the earliest hints of some form of underlying malady.