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While it might seem a tad late to call for research and reflective suspension of suspicion, having unloosed the dogs of war more than a decade ago, it's never too late to start.
A powerful work about the dangers of the unloosed imagination, Mr.
If the two herders had unloosed her at that point, her husband could have brought her back with him from the realm of the dead.
I find myself joining many other parents who worry that in teaching our children how to behave when somebody storms their classroom with a gun, we have unloosed something dramatic upon them without much serious reflection.
Waves of enemy aircraft, after dropping flares, unloosed a number of high explosive, screeching, and incendiary bombs which wrecked buildings and caused many fires.
Trembling, he made sure there were no knots left in the string, gave the old woman his best smile and unloosed the farmuk, praying to himself.
It reminds us of the marvelous interconnectivity of ideas, and it opens for us, as those Gothic monuments clearly did for Hawthorne, a portal into Wai Chee Dimock's "deep time"--time unloosed from its moorings, where we recover a sense of our "long sojourn on the planet" and of the "layers of relations" that mark that journey (3, 6).
The Dragon takes the end of the whirling vortex of magic that Roddy has unloosed and then anchors it again, fixing it "ninety degrees different.
The city never cast a judgmental eye, and I found myself, finally, unloosed.
Then it unloosed its load over Kutayfa, and thrashed the thorn trees to the ground, as sheets of rain spreading over al-Qanan drove the white-hoofed ibex from every nook and ledge.