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There was a real cynicism about the central institution and an idea that unloosing the knot of 121 [George Street, the church's national office] would free the Kirk to easy flow.
The tip of the iceberg: groups of homeless have been squatting for the past five months outside boutiques in Tel Aviv's most prestigious shopping plaza not too far from which a main sewer line burst recently in Jaffa, unloosing 200,000 tons of raw sewage into the Mediterranean every day, simply the worst ecological disaster in the country's history.
As another crew of Enniskillen drillers set off for Borneo in May 1899, the Petrolia Advertiser commented: "Our men go abroad unloosing the riches of the earth in strange lands, but they almost all come back to Petrolia to enjoy the rich fruits of their labor, much to the advantage of our town.
The intimation, in fact, tears at Isham's heart, unloosing the gates of repression and homosexual self-loathing.