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The unluckier ones have reported hallucinations and two were even rushed to the hospital.
The street in front of the building is already covered in a shimmering carpet of shards from the panes of their unluckier neighbours.
The big parties have been literally decimated, like the unluckier Roman legions who were reduced to one tenth of their original strength.
The second of cast member from the Brit comedy to break Hollywood, he has been unluckier in his choice of vehicle than Chris O'Dowd as the dryly amusing Irish police officer in Bridesmaids.
Physical suffering doesn't nag at our culture these days--suffering is for movies and TV to show, or to be drugged away in hospitals, or a pitiable misfortune that befalls poorer, unluckier folk in faraway places.
But Wrexham, beaten 3-2 on aggregate by one of my former clubs, Luton Town, were definitely the unluckier of the two Welsh sides after what has been a truly fantastic season for them.
Two down-on-their-luck diamond dealers got unluckier by hiring cronies disguised as Hassidic Jews to stage a robbery of their struggling Manhattan, N.
I am not running to leave our biggest problems to an unluckier generation of leaders, but to fix them now, and fix them well.
Spokesman David Neave said: "Certain signs of the Zodiac are unluckier than others, but it's vital to put it all into context with the huge recent improvement in road safety.