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But then Fry asked panellists: "Now what is so lucky about the unluckiest man in the world?
However, number 13 - thought to be the unluckiest - comes in 182nd in the list with only 18% of homeowners from this number making a claim.
Throughout December, the 11 finalists will compete against one another through email, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to collect votes in support of their stories and to make the case for their credentials as the first-ever "World's Unluckiest Traveler.
He said: "The guy who puts the gigs on at the town hall told us we must be the unluckiest band around and we thought we might as well use it to our advantage in our biography.
Only snake-bitten USC, those not-so-blessed boys from Troy, the outfit its public relations department calls ``probably the unluckiest team in America,'' watched in delight as Cesca went wide right.
AINTREE'S oldest and unluckiest punter, 104-year-old George Atkinson, is backing AP McCoy to win his last Grand National so they can both "retire gracefully".
In any list of the unluckiest players never to be capped, Andy Young would be near the top.
The unluckiest man on the beach was Jim Grovell who did a spot of fishing before the competition and beached a specimen 2lb 5oz Dover sole; but was fishless in the match.
I think we're the unluckiest team in the league this weekend.
But a new survey has revealed that 243 is Britain's unluckiest house number.
Final Call for World's Unluckiest Traveler Entries: 33 Days Left to Win $10,000 Dream Vacation