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The authors of Unmaking the Bomb share a similar outlook with Eisenhower when looking at the problem of nuclear weapons.
Unmaking the Public University is a dramatic portrayal of the cultural wars enacted on the college campus.
In a wider perspective, Unmaking Imperial Russia is an outstanding example of an empirically grounded study of how a national narrative is constructed, and should interest scholars and students engaged in nationalism studies.
RICK PERLSTEIN HAS ADDED A provocative subtitle to his fascinating new book, Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus.
And second, to what extent did their actions contribute to the unmaking of the Gin Act of 1736?
As John Miller of National Review points out in his insightful book ``The Unmaking of Americans,'' our modern institutions in America and many of our intellectual elites often put more emphasis on ``E Pluribus'' than on the ``Unum.
Everything in the book is structured around that mindless rite-of-passage notion--as though the ordeals of making each movie and unmaking each relationship were initiations into the great secrets of manhood.
Where a Macbeth or a Sejanus might meditate on experiential contradictions, a Middleton character such as The Changeling's Beatrice-Joanna or Women Beware Women's Duke embodies them, betraying not a construction of subjectivity "but rather a processive making and unmaking of previous constructions" (99).
The first three chapters of the book identify and explain the socioeconomic and politico-historical forces that contributed to the transformation and eventual unmaking of Palestine.
While neighborhood councils won't make politicians full partners with city residents, they'll be a big step toward unmaking them partners with each other.
All By Myself: The Unmaking of a Presidential Campaign In case your're still wondering, it was all Michael Dukakis's fault.