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The terms of her title alert us to Sim's approach to the everyday, helpfully carving out a position in relation to what can be an unmanageably vague concept.
The proposed solution is specific to Holocaust-era restitution, not only because of the horrific circumstances of the Holocaust, and not only because of the unmanageably large diaspora of Jewish people after the war and equally complicated dispersal of the people's art and cultural property; but because the evolution of cultural property and art law has promoted the development of preventative measures to the extent that restitutive efforts are no longer a pressing issue stemming from recent international conflicts.
The giant French-bred is a relentless galloper and just two days after thrashing his Red Mills Chase rivals he was unmanageably fresh and ready to go back to work.
In fact, the study began by looking at all transactions from 1990 or later, but the number of transactions was unmanageably large so the criterion was revised.
higher rates of US unemployment, it being already unmanageably high.
With the demand for buprenorphine therapy unmanageably high, the questions on the table were both simple and complex: How do we manage a limited resource?
Such a strategy of "default and devalue" has been standard fare for countries in other parts of the world when they were faced with unmanageably large government debt and a chronic current-account deficit.
According to Seaman and Louw (1999) one of the reasons for this is the unmanageably high diversity of taxa in terrestrial, and specifically grassland, habitats.
Despite the extreme rarity of Omar's circumstances which served to limit the scope of the protection represented by a request for his repatriation, the Crown's factum focused on the spectre of an unmanageably expanded duty to protect Canadian citizens abroad.
Davis declares at the outset that probably no watertight theoretical distinction between translation and imitation is possible; nevertheless the distinction is important, since if imitations were included a study would become unmanageably vast.
There was also the problem of enforcing standards on an unmanageably large number of bus owners.