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Expectations about masculinity, particularly that men will be able to cope because they're stronger, can make men feel it's unmanly if they seek help.
It's not sentiment," I snuffle into my unmanly handkerchief.
It also suggests a rather unmanly tendency to blame the victim.
So we argued and insulted his mother and sister and in return he called us unmanly.
He thought it was e'eminate - you put on pads to play, which the Nazis thought was unmanly.
It notes that while Ramakrishna defined bhakti as pure devotion, particularly to the figure of the goddess Kali, who was regarded as Shakti and hence constitutive of the universe, Vivekananda looked upon this devotion as unmanly.
Reporter Bruni answers for Andrea: "Well, a squeal would be unmanly.
It is simply considered unmanly even if it is by a teacher.
MAIG Director Mark Glaze suggested that it would be cowardly, unmanly, and unjustifiable for a person to ever shoot someone who attacked them with only their hands and feet.
He highlighted Sofia, calling Ajaz unmanly and thief and mocked Ajaz's open flirting with Pratyusha and Gauhar.
In Ivor's words, "foolish and quixotic, but not unmanly.
He's scrunched his face in disgust and condemned as unmanly men who abuse women.