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You boast of your virtues as if they purchased you a right to be cruel and unmanly, as you've been to-day.
On one occasion he actually seized her in his arms and embraced her -- an outrage which caused his own secretary to reproach him for his unmanly conduct.
Jo wanted to lay her head down on that motherly bosom, and cry her grief and anger all away, but tears were an unmanly weakness, and she felt so deeply injured that she really couldn't quite forgive yet.
The manner of the scout was seriously impressive, though no longer distinguished by any signs of unmanly apprehension.
I had to encourage the men constantly, to keep them from giving way to their unmanly fears.
In the very height of their emotion they knew it to be unmanly or unladylike.
Yes, the fear of being perceived as unmanly may be closer to the surface in Trump.
These gender stereotypes can be toxic, and damaging to men as well as women, especially in cases like this where a man did not feel able to tell the police about the violence he was enduring, perhaps through fear of seeming weak or unmanly.
ISLAMABAD -- Members of the Women's Parliamentary Caucus in Islamabad strongly condemn the un-parliamentary and unmanly behavior of Shah Farman, the KPK Provincial Minister for Public Health Engineering and prominent member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, towards his fellow lady MPA, Ms.
She called her uncle names and accused him of being a forger, unfair, unmanly, a cheater, among others.
EVIRATE A Tear out the bowels B Render weak or unmanly C Avoid who am I?
Every effort should be made to minimize this risk, but it is mere unmanly folly to try to do away with the sport because the risk exists.