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That unmannerly behavior is not, however, the fault of the beeper.
Compared to the unmannerly sexuality of the man from her own age group, the younger builder's erotic responsiveness and sensitivity are far preferable.
And third, in including such wise sayings and common-sense proverbs as: "There is not Truth more obvious than That in common Life; if a Servant gets into a criminal Secret, from that Moment his Deportment alters, her assumes an unmannerly Freedom" (195).
The author notes that her generation was taught that the passing of food must be done with both hands and that "only the unmannerly or unversed" raise their rice bowls to mouth level while eating.
The rebel women's mistreatment of Union sympathizers evinces unmannerly behavior which calls into question their feminine gentility.
Many saw the attack on her as unmannerly and thought it would would backfire on the president; others speculated Ahmadi-nejad was actually trying to curry favor with rightists who don't think women should go to college and hold important jobs like Rahnavard, who used to be the chancellor of an all-female university.
19) For Carlyle, as well as for others, symptoms of disease could reliably be discerned through forms of unmannerly and excitable utterance (which of course is the great and amusing irony in Carlyle); (20) further, in the imagery of Carlyle's principle, health involves a true center that regulates, bringing into concord a healthy sensibility.
It's not the details here that touch truth, but rather the tone of unmannerly presumption.
In time, following their falling out, Moore took delight in satirizing Yeats in Hail and Farewell (1911), a wicked but amusing verbal cartoon of the great man, while Yeats, much wounded, bided his time until writing Dramatis Personae (1933), later included in Autobiographies (1961), where he depicted Moore as coarse, unmannerly and in some measure pathetically self-serving.
The awkward Manner in which my Master first [revealed] his Intentions, made me, in spite of my Reverence to his Person, burst out into an unmannerly (6)--.
The challenge of Dennis's poetry does not necessarily lie in its invocation of the Great Themes, however: it resides in a stubborn persistence in maintaining a mannerly surface in an unmannerly era.
Applause and a standing ovation for Tony Kushner's anti-Bush article in your October 26 issue ["An Unmannerly Pre-Election Day Splenetic"].