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The patch of six counties jutting into the Chesapeake Bay and bordered by rivers north and south is unmarred by the sky scrapers and ubiquitous tattoo parlors of Virginia Beach, 60 miles south.
The ICG said that while polls unmarred by serious violence are a prerequisite for the U.
His fellow GOP presidential hopefuls didn't escaped unmarred, however.
Mike and I had the best of relationships, unmarred by any sense of professional rivalry.
The new build sits comfortably amid the large period houses that are so typical of Edgbaston, the former "village of a man called Ecgbald" in its old English translation, where the monied middle classes settled in the 19th century, content that, thanks to the strict control of the Gough-Calthorpe family, their leafy idyll would be unmarred by factories or warehouses.
Because a great many of these works are unmarred by restoration, the sand mixed into the paint of Piero Dorazio's Sviluppo Orizzontale (Horizontal Development) of 1948 is readily apparent, as it is in Enrico Prampolini's Apparizione Plastica n.
I spent five days last summer at a caper farm in Pollara, a hamlet of less than 100 people in the half-sunken crater of a tall volcano that turns pink at dusk and pitch-black at night, unmarred by street lights.
Also, unmarred merchandise may come from stores that have simply been liquidated or gone bankrupt.
59) It is also a community unmarred by false unity,
In praise of Pangle, he writes, "Recovering reason, or the genuinely rational life, from under the rubble of a deconstructed tradition of Western rationalism, requires among other things the guidance of human beings whose thinking is unmarred by a spirit of partisanship or prejudice and whose lives are made manifestly better through being directed by reason.
The Brotherhood believes that in 2005 it would have won far more seats if the vote had been unmarred by violations.