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Then, just as Bennett's A Question of Attribution uses an art historical investigation to parallel the unmasking of the Cambridge spy ring, Stoppard uses the disconcerting anarchy of quantum mechanics (this being the specialism of the double, or triple, agent Kerner) as a metaphor for the smoke-and-mirrors world of espionage.
Unmasking is an artifact of sampling, and one would like to be able to determine whether a finding of higher nonvaccine-type carriage rates in vaccinated persons reflects tree serotype replacement, unmasking, or a combination of these phenomena.
starting up behind the trees, unmasking a tiny figure
La Rochefoucauld and the Language of Unmasking in Seventeenth-century France.
But Lerner is right that the ideology of patriarchy has been unmasked, and she has done more than her part in the unmasking.
Debate persisted over whether Rice did something wrong by unmasking the identities and whether the action lent credence to Trump's unsubstantiated claims that the Obama administration wiretapped phones at Trump Tower.
Citing a lack of historical consciousness in the field of public and administrative organizations that leads to the potential for administrative evil, Adams and Balfour present the updated and revised fourth edition of Unmasking Administrative Evil with the addition of a new focus on the private sector as well.
TWO UK jihadis could hold the key to unmasking executioner John.
Unmasking Apocalyptic Texts: A Guide To Preaching And Teaching by Dorothy Jonaitis (Institute Of Theology, St.
It also acknowledges Kant while undercutting him, functioning as homage while unmasking the ambiguities of language, and positioning Gallo as both heir and pretender.
Although Camille grows to love her prince, she follows some bad advice from her greedy mother and betrays Alain by unmasking him.