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Today the Chronicle unmasks a prime suspect in the hit-and-run killing of pensioner Jimmy Mulligan.
The disjunction between beauty and evil unmasks nothing about the nature of representation--no irony, no deconstruction--and the video's oddly mesmerizing conversation about ghost stories is remarkable principally because it is uncannily anachronistic.
When the moon eclipses the sun, it unmasks a glorious halo--the glowing gases in the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona.
She prides herself on being "the scandal of the neighborhood," bragging about sleeping with all the guys, and her job in the play is to offer redemption to James, who, in turn, unmasks the innocent virgin who lives beneath Josie's bluff exterior.
What work each Shakespeare play does is wildly various: for Delaney and Cohen it reflects and allays economic anxieties; for Montrose it provides psychological "compensation"; for Bristol (Othello) it defamiliarizes social structure through the carnivalesque; for Sinfield (Macbeth) and Weimann it reflects legitimation crisis; for Greenblatt it manages affect; for Drakakis (Julius Caesar) it unmasks politics and challenges official ideology; for Andreas (Othello rewritings) it resists dominant ideologies such as racism; for Maus it reveals social life generally in the need to assume private subjectivity; for Boose it insulates and prettifies the "real" history of silenced women.
The URL Domain Blacklist filter in Ipswitch IMail Server unmasks illegitimate spam messages by looking at the actual underlying link and comparing it to a growing list of more than 18,000 repeat spammers.
She bravely unmasks the contradictions and subtle prejudices in her own behavior as well as that of her parents.