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4 Center for Minor Crop Pest Management), pushed for registration of Callisto for use on yellow popcorn due to its unprecedented weed control, clearly superior residual activity and unmatched crop safety.
Occam solutions give telco service providers maximum flexibility and scalability to continuously expand their offerings, with an unmatched simplicity of service deployment.
This generally rules out transplantation, since an unmatched graft would trigger rejection by the recipient's immune system.
ESPN has built the best wireless sports application of its kind and we are extremely pleased to offer our unique content and unmatched innovation through the nation's leading wireless carrier and data provider," said Salil Mehta, executive vice president, ESPN Enterprises.
Designed to determine extrusion properties, check incoming materials and characterize new polymers, the MFI2 is said to offer unmatched test accuracy, repeatability and operating ease at an affordable price.
All of the mice had received hearts taken from totally unmatched donor mice, whose tissues the recipient mice would quickly reject under normal circumstances.
brings to the table an unmatched team of veteran professionals with extensive experience in business technologies and superior technical skills in systems, data storage, enterprise software, networking, security and services.
Allogeneic transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells between different individuals may also be possible as these cells appear to be immune privileged in that they are not necessarily rejected when implanted into unmatched recipients.
ClearSpeed Technology is a semiconductor company that develops massively parallel coprocessors and accelerator boards delivering unmatched performance per watt for high performance computing applications on industry standard systems.
Our G-SPEED and G-SPEED XL disk arrays offer unmatched performance and the richest feature set of any RAID system for content creation applications," said Roger Mabon, G-Tech's President.
The system can be equipped with one to four test head positioners providing unmatched flexibility for custom configurations and unmatched productivity.
Its unmatched full-duplex capability enables users to simultaneously speak and listen with high-performance two-way audio.