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The vial of unmatured malt had been sent into space as part of an experiment in 2011, along with particles of charred oak.
The unmatured malt was launched in 2011 in the hopes of studying the effects of microgravity on the maturation process.
Islay's Ardbeg Distillery blasted compounds of unmatured malt and charred oak particles to the International Space Station in October 2011.
to set off and apply against any indebtedness, whether matured or unmatured, of such creditor to such debtor, any amount owing from such debtor to such creditor, at or at any time after, the happening of any of the above mentioned events, and the aforesaid right of set off may be exercised by such debtor against such creditor .
This is exactly what happened in Kochansky, when the personal injury lawyer transferred half of his unmatured contingent fee rights to his spouse, who later collected half of the fee when the case was settled.
Rate of unmatured oocytes in treatment with 500 mM cystaemine lower than treatment with 100 mM cystaemine (P < 0.
It would also expose him even in a generally disciplined organization to the danger of arbitrary action of individuals and place his economic life at the mercy of the threat as well as the action of power in an uncontrolled and here an unmatured group.
7) Accrued interest on unmatured long-term debt not recognized as an expenditure both because: * It will not require an appropriation in the following year, and its retirement will not take current-period financial resources, and * Financial resources typically transferred in to the debt service fund for its payment.
The balance of external debt is cash-based (excluding unmatured accrued interest); the IMF's SDR allocations are not included.