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It is a hopeful image upon which O'Faolain concludes her memoir because it neither denies the existence of the transcendental signified nor posits as unmeaningful the only option--to search to only approach understanding--that is available to O'Faolain in her finite realm of existence.
we make them boring and unmeaningful and then they don't transfer over" to long-term memory.
Archbishop Cranmer's Prayer Book brings public and private together in "the belief that external practices might not only reflect but also potentially transform the internal self," that "what appears to be a simple request for an untaxing and potentially unmeaningful participation in a weekly service turns out to be a strategy to transform the worshipper's soul" (3-4).
The PI principle of human sense-making that drives the individual to invest unmeaningful data in the environment with meaning, but in HIB it also has the evolutionary function of enabling human adaptation to changes in the environment (signaled by data in the environment that has not been previously invested with meaning) for purposes of ensuring human survival.
The modular notion of cognitive architecture and the flow of data from one module into another, when seeking information for adaptation and survival, are based on broad definition of metaphor as involving all types of human thinking that transform unmeaningful data in the environment into meaningful information.
But in the present circumstance we can only assume that the discussion in Sotah is meant not to allude to a m erely technical, unmeaningful chain of events accounting for the change in order from biblical to Mishnaic but to indicate a very purposeful change in order on the basis of the subject of the seventh chapter of Ketubot in which various situations are described wherein husbands have imposed unreasonable and arbitrary hardships on their wives by the mechanism of vow-taking.
But even Peru and Haiti have had elections, and they have not been entirely unmeaningful.
This produces a lot of diversity among firms with regard to their financial structures and makes the exercise of relative-performance evaluation quite unmeaningful unless these factors are fully taken into account.