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The Problem of Unmeasured Inputs When Measuring Technical Progress
euro]e bulletin goes on to list a number of Dwr Cymru Customer Services activities now being handled oshore including measured payment recalculations, residency checker, web chat, surface water drainage, unmeasured split properties, Department for Work and Pensions mail and authorising unmeasured accounts for litigation.
That is why Bank stresses that maintaining the stability of the banking system and its smooth functioning is in the interest of the country and every Bulgarian citizen and calls upon all socio-political and media factors to be responsible while speaking publicly and to refrain from unmeasured suggestions.
More important, individuals who use HCBS are also likely to be different from individuals who use nursing home care in unmeasured ways.
They determined that differences in the characteristics of smokers and nonsmokers--particularly educational attainment (nonsmokers tend to be more educated) --and unmeasured factors such as an employer's tolerance to smoking behavior are what are mostly driving the wage gap.
The authors of this paper have provided a systematic and quantitative summary of the association between severe hypoglycaemia and the risk of cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetics and examined the sensitivity of the association to possible uncontrolled confounding by unmeasured co-morbid severe illness.
They also found that other, unmeasured factors such as baseline employer tolerance play a role.
They suggest that many of the previously reported associations may have been chance findings or influenced by possible unmeasured common causes of stress and cancer, for example shift work.
It is possible that the inverse association among the women remained confounded by unmeasured smoking characteristics, although fruits and vegetables were protective in both men and women who never smoked.
1) Although some of these associations were apparent in standard regression analyses, they were especially evident and particularly robust in analyses that took into account unmeasured familial factors; in the latter models, mistimed pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies or both were positively associated with deliveries without a skilled attendant (odds ratio, 1.
Of course, unmeasured factors may also contribute to the reduction in malpractice claims attributed to EHRs.
Conversely, Ad Age includes direct marketing, coupons, catalogs, product placement, events and unmeasured forms of digital media in its definition of unmeasured media.