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But first from under shadie arborous roof, Soon as they forth were come to open sight Of day-spring, and the Sun, who scarce up risen With wheels yet hov'ring o're the Ocean brim, Shot paralel to the earth his dewie ray, Discovering in wide Lantskip all the East Of Paradise and EDENS happie Plains, Lowly they bow'd adoring, and began Thir Orisons, each Morning duly paid In various style, for neither various style Nor holy rapture wanted they to praise Thir Maker, in fit strains pronounc't or sung Unmeditated, such prompt eloquence Flowd from thir lips, in Prose or numerous Verse, More tuneable then needed Lute or Harp To add more sweetness, and they thus began.
The finish, however, really the result of painstaking labor, such as Herrick had observed in his uncle's shop and as Jonson had enjoined, is perfectly unobtrusive; so apparently natural are the poems that they seem the irrepressible unmeditated outpourings of happy and idle moments.
Rosand continues, "Those profiles that populate Leonardo's drawings throughout his career may be seen as doodles, unmeditated products of the aimless pen.
Although, your unmeditated exclamation at times, 'you cannot fight the author of the destiny', made me very restless.
I'd signed up in an unguarded moment, with an unmeditated burst of energy
And when Deledda's words are too unmeditated by the translator, they can come out rather lugubrious: "Rome brought an almost morbid despondency upon him, viewed through his disorientation, etc.
The extemporization alibi can operate hand in hand with the model of prayer as unmeditated outpouring.
Our decision was to try to convey the news of that time unfiltered and unmeditated rather than ask people to rely on faulty memories.
I venture into the shower for a bit of firsthand living, unmeditated by symbols, except that keeping clean has a certain social symbolism.