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Like the beloved in sonnet four of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese who attempts to dissuade her lover from entering an abode with "bats and owlets builders in the roof," the speaker as Christ's beloved evokes a heart, the seat of volition and desire, neither garnished nor sweetened and hence for Christ's soft touch unmeet--as Peter's (soiled) feet are for Christ's hands unmeet--just as the "cricket chirps" of Barrett Browning's speaker sound embarrassingly unmeet for the gracious court-lover's mandolin, whose music drops "In folds of golden fullness at [her] door.
The exceptions to this pattern were for the subgroups defined by previous receipt of PCS in Arkansas, and by whether had unmeet needs for personal care at baseline.
to dreader things than these our fair young city comes, For in the heart are growing thick the filthy dens and slums, Where human forms shall rot away in sties for swine unmeet And ghostly faces shall be seen unfit for any street-- Rotting our, rotting out, For lack of air and meat-- In dens of vice and horror that are hidden from the street.
141-53), executing "[a] creature unprepared, unmeet for death," to use Vincentio's words, "were damnable" (4.
See Jeremy Bentham, Cases Unmeet for Punishment, in THE PORTABLE ENLIGHTENMENT READER 541 (Issaack Kramnick ed.
Why then hince we may learn that there are two sorts of persons altogether unfit for this Ordinance viz: Such as cannot examine themselves, & such as will nor examine themselves (1) Such as cannot examine themselves are altogether unmeet for this Ordinance.
far unmeet for the matter," which Marlowe's printer saw fit to omit.
altogether unmeet that such works of God should be hid from present and future generations: and therefore though this gentlewoman's modesty would not thrust it into the press, yet her gratitude unto God made her not hardly persuadable to let it pass, that God might have his due glory, and others benefit by it as well as herself.