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There will of course, be clashes between these categories, but on past experience it is safe to predict that any Christian who criticises same-sex marriage, or other unmentionables, will be accused of hate crime, while anyone calling them homophobic bigots will not.
The unmentionables who are the Coalition are poised to send us over that edge.
Designer Simone Perele's unmentionables are perfectly French for the modern girl who likes a touch of the feminine, like this Amour demi that marries Leavers lace and delicate floral brush strokes with matte and sheen textured-style knit.
But my face must have implied I needed more information because he then told me the nurse, later that day, would be lancing a boil on his unmentionables.
To search for uranium samples, investigators have gone through all of Yasser Arafat's unmentionables.
The company's managing director, Sascha Hertil, told the ABC News that the thongs, bras, camisoles, slips and other 24 karat unmentionables are priced from 1,500 dollars to 6,000 dollars.
The very thought of our sweet, adorable fluff balls eating unmentionables turns our stomachs.
Oh, I can see," screams Dee, staring at Al's unmentionables.
From jungle to pond Currently doing all manner of unmentionables in the jungle for I'm A Celebrity.
Hardly an over went by during India's tour of England this summer without one of the hapless tourists pulling up lame, tripping over their laces or taking a blow to the unmentionables.
For the notorious top-hatted, bad boy of magic and stand-up has spent his entire career offending anyone and everyone he can - like the time he infamously opened the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival by accusing the audience of doing unmentionables with moose, only to be knocked unconscious by an outraged punter seconds later.
OK, it's not quite up there with I'm A Celeb levels of humiliation - no one, as far as I know, has been forced to eat kangaroo unmentionables - but there's still time for a large, hairy gentleman to come in and request a back, sack and crack wax (I've got my fingers crossed).