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The audit, entitled Programme for Government Update, was produced as an annexe to the coalition's Mid-Term Review, but went unmentioned when Mr Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg launched the review with great fanfare on Monday.
Our aristocratic heroes decamp to Scotland for their previously unmentioned annual break at Duneagle Castle - the stately home of feisty flapper Lady Rose.
Market pricing for water--traditionally a very useful way to ration valuable things we don't want to waste-goes unmentioned, as do decades of labyrinthine state-level distribution rules, waste-encouraging subsidies, and pricing controls that have contributed to water shortages in the American West.
What I find disturbing in this editorial, is that the alcohol being used at this party (and I'm sure it was) goes totally unmentioned.
Joanna Elson, Money Advice Trust's chief executive, said: "Catalogue debts go largely unmentioned in public these days, but advisers at National Debtline hear from nearly 100 people every day.
At a more personal level, when people talk to each other about the events of their lives, talking about happy memories may leave the unhappy memories unmentioned, but in the future, people may have more trouble remembering the unmentioned happy memories than the unmentioned sad memories.
The unmentioned second and third engaged in a long and brutal battle for a quantum leap in the Festival's funding in light of its significance to Kirklees' economic regeneration policy - unsuccessful at the time, more fruitful later.
A narrow focus on familiar practices can stifle imagination and change, but so do other factors unmentioned by Davidson.
I am therefore disappointed that the performance of a young man, of whom the North East can be proud, has gone unmentioned.
The area is still a US military secret and has an unmentioned name, Jacobsen noted.
What has gone unmentioned in the controversy over the future of the Stieglitz collection is Fisk's record as stewards of its cultural inheritance in general.
But there have been well-documented cases where the unmentioned "cause for concern" under the official guideline was the simple act of seeking mental health treatment and the biased reaction to it by DS adjudicators.