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It is of course open to the scrutiny of the author-subject but, as we have seen, she generally lacks the resources to "permit a direct, factual, unmetaphorical recording of the events [s]he wishes to recount.
When we recall that the bodies of murdered debt peons were found in Middle Georgia's Alcovy, South, and Yellow Rivers, the "poor rivers" in Toomer's recast spiritual become suggestively unmetaphorical.
Neither, as in the recent, notorious case of Philip Larkin, did he stash away quite unsentimental collections of utterly unmetaphorical dirty pictures.
Any satisfactory nature in the characters, from MacCullough to the fat girl, arises from the increasingly unmetaphorical nature of their existence - where the MacCullough is "set" in a composed "castle-fortress-home," "an expedient," the fat girl exists with the speaker on the street; she is "more than natural" and "unprovoked," exists in "a change not quite completed" (III.