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And here he lived, unmindful of the world and by the world forgotten.
She seated herself beside her uncle opposite to Will, and was evidently preoccupied with something that made her almost unmindful of him.
But he seemed unmindful of the near presence of the great cat.
After him pounced Sheeta the panther, unmindful of his master's warning voice.
There, in a secluded bower, the two lovers whispered their hopes and plans, unmindful of the royal charge playing neglected among the flowers and shrubbery of the garden.
Such things, I know, are little to you, Sir Alfred," he continued, "but at the same time I want you to believe that his Majesty's Government will not be unmindful of your help at this juncture.
We dashed across the open spaces and down the slopes unmindful of possible snakes in the grass, until we reached the woods.
With a desperation that was madness, unmindful of the pain, he hurried up the slope to the crest of the hill over which his comrade had disappeared - more grotesque and comical by far than that limping, jerking comrade.
1-18) I will remember and not be unmindful of Apollo who shoots afar.
Tom Jones, on the other hand, was not only deficient in outward tokens of respect, often forgetting to pull off his hat, or to bow at his master's approach; but was altogether as unmindful both of his master's precepts and example.
Cheery and unmindful of himself, as Benjy was, this loss of locomotive power bothered him greatly.
Sabin did not neglect his luncheon, nor was he ever for a moment unmindful of the grey-headed princess who chatted away by his side with all the vivacity of her race and sex.