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If their wombs can draw in the mingled semen of male and female from this place, there is no reason why they should not draw in the woman's unmingled semen.
One woman of unmingled Native blood sat tall despite her advances years, her straight black hair falling over her back.
Mason has noted, that the rise of Anglo-Saxonism (which held that the Saxons were unmingled and unconquerable) coincided with the union controversy.
I record the name of Major Anderson with unmingled satisfaction.
In his 1872 work, The Dangerous Classes of New York, Brace claimed that "the experiment of 'Emigration' has been an unmingled blessing" for the children of New York's dangerous classes.
The work has been prepared at great expense of time, under the pressure of many cares not unmingled with sickness, pain and sorrow.
Leslie Stephen's monograph has been not unmingled with disappointment.