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Alban's face answered her unmistakably in the negative sense--but Emily's attention was drawn the other way by Francine.
His manner--strikingly resolute and self-contained--was unmistakably the manner of a gentleman.
The accent is unmistakably the accent of a refined and cultivated person.
Unmistakably bad men evinced an apparently sincere admiration for virtue.
All declared it unmistakably the voice of Charles Ashmore; all agreed that it seemed to come from a great distance, faintly, yet with entire distinctness of articulation; yet none could determine its direction, nor repeat its words.
It seemed to come from the body of the automaton, and was unmistakably a whirring of wheels.
The Honorable Geoffrey's expression, on discovering the place to be occupied, was, unmistakably an expression of relief.
His strongly-felt interest in her was restrained within the strictest limits of good-breeding: he was unmistakably a gentleman.
The existence of this volcano in eruption, unmistakably seen by these earthly savants, would doubtless give rise to many theories favorable to the grave question of the habitability of the moon.
As we expressed a hope that he would be good enough to furnish us with a breakfast, he assured us that he had no provisions, regarding us, as he said this, with a look that was unmistakably suspicious.
Anna was unmistakably admiring her loveliness and her youth: before Kitty knew where she was she found herself not merely under Anna's sway, but in love with her, as young girls do fall in love with older and married women.
The hair may be grey but they're still unmistakably Gold.