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49, it's classic rioja - unmistakably big with bags of flavour yet classy.
While the band is ' unmistakably American, the material is universal and timeless
EURO FUSION Above the C4 Grand Picasso, below, the unmistakably German C5 and right, the C-Crosser.
Yet the sounds documented on their latest record, Cinder, are unmistakably those of the transcontinental trio.
Fittingly, then, these oddball pictures are totally unexpected, yet unmistakably his own.
He didn't just speak in an unmistakably American argot; he simultaneously conceptualized and criticized our national character and experience--and took for granted that they should be his grand subject matter.
Delegates to the 10th biennial national convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) were unmistakably a house divided in their decision to defeat a recommendation that would have allowed pastors and congregations a "local option" to perform blessings for same-gendered unions.
In the July 2005 issue of Geographical, you have a picture of a group of polar adventurers, including Tom Avery, at the North Pole clutching what is unmistakably a bottle of champagne (Worldwatch).
Their lives were changed forever in February 2004 as both Gallagher and Harrison viewed what was unmistakably an ivory-billed.
With plummeting rates of recruitment and retention, more than 130,000 troops still mired in Iraq, and the growing possibility of military conflict with Iran, Syria, or North Korea (or some combination thereof), the political Establishment is quietly but unmistakably preparing to reinstate conscription in some form.
Finally, after 17 years, there it was, unmistakably, in the photo (see below).
Today, the original Kalakaua location stands as the only Hawaii source for that unmistakably Japanese creation: yakiniku rice burgers, where compressed rice patties stand in for hamburger buns.