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It does not distinguish between modifiable and unmodifiable risk factors.
His own opinion was that homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual orientations were inborn and unmodifiable.
If change is inevitable, we are still not obliged to increase its velocity or accept it as our unmodifiable fate.
In contrast, prevention focuses on modifying risk factors, either through patient education and lifestyle changes or primarily drug interventions when risk factors are considered unmodifiable.
The cliffhanger's fall is a genuine mechanism and not human action; it is ultimately unmodifiable by reason.
That hypothesis provides an attractive explanation for the aging mechanism, he says, because it doesn't require the presence of an unmodifiable biological clock.
TowerJ's innovative Mixed-Mode deployment technology allows Java-based e-Business applications to use both bytecode and unmodifiable native code.
Although some of these factors are unmodifiable, the data suggest that early depression treatment may be beneficial in reducing the incidence of epilepsy (Ferguson et al.
The Home Edition provides basic Internet filtering of pornographic material and an unmodifiable subset of the CyberNOT list which includes the following categories: Violence/Profanity; Partial Nudity/Art; Full Nudity; Sexual Acts/Texts and Gross Depictions.