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Surface area I measurements were carried out by nitrogen adsorption method using surface area analyzer (Smart Instruments, Thane, India) for unmodified MWNTs, Na-AHA-modified MWNTs (1:1, wt/ wt) and PyCHO-modified MWNTs (1:1, wt/wt).
The modified nanoparticles showed an even stronger effect than the unmodified nanoparticles.
When just a male was introduced into the cage, the modified males were far more likely to mount the male and emit a 'mating call' normally given off when encountering females than unmodified males were.
Teams were instructed to make item modifications that did not change the target constructs or reduce the depth-of-knowledge (Webb, 1997) or grade level of the unmodified items.
Palpus unmodified, slender, nearly as long as proboscis, brownish; clothed in dense, long, silvery, adpressed setae, bearing moderately long (shorter than palpus) black apical seta.
1001-3, there is an exchange of the unmodified note for the modified note between an employee and an employer and a satisfaction of the original debt.
to deliver a four-fold improvement in oxygen barrier and a doubling of CO2 barrier versus unmodified MXD6.
2] gas for laparoscopy reduced peritoneal inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 levels, compared with unmodified gas in a study of 52 patients.
This technique utilizes unmodified, commercially available equipment, is well suited to automation, and yields results comparable to the best attainable by classical methods.
Peginterferon alfa-2a is associated with better quality of life scores than is unmodified interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis C, reported Dr.
All Marathon Endurance products run off-the-shelf Windows operating systems, unmodified application software, and utilize standard Intel-based server hardware.