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However, if you are growing Tumbler tomatoes in a hanging basket, let them grow unmolested.
The judge added: "The lady involved may have been under the weather but she should have been able to walk home unmolested.
d as a ay ve Security sources say Lewthwaite was able to live unmolested in South Africa despite warnings from Israeli spies to local police that she was in the country.
The ICC has issued an international arrest warrant for Al-Bashir, who nonetheless continues to travel unmolested to certain countries that have signed the Statutes of the Hague Tribunal.
The military has previously accused the NPA of extorting money from politicians in exchange for issuing "permits" that will allow them to campaign unmolested.
Mousa was fouled and sank both from the stripe before Watson scored unmolested going to the basket for a 79-71 final count.
Finding an unmolested Black Shadow is a remarkable discovery.
Their success is rooted in the sanctuary enjoyed by Haqqani leadership in North Waziristan, where they are unmolested by the Pakistani military, the paper said.
ALPs should pass pretty much unmolested through the sea of photons suffusing both that inner region and the cosmos at large.
In an era long gone, children Would have collected them as if jewels, Now they remain unmolested on verdant grass.
Goons Once, Rhodesia's former Prime Minister, the late and much-reviled Ian Smith, invited his old enemy Mugabe to walk with him down the capital's Second Street - without any gun-toting security goons in attendance - and see who got the furthest unmolested.
The Pakistani government is allegedly allowing terrorist and militant leader Fazle-ur-Rahman Khalil to live unmolested on its soil.