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By using this method the tip of the pick-up contacts the surface of the roundness standard that is mounted to the unmovable body via centring device.
It is assumed that the fence constitutes an unmovable obstacle to the tank vehicle and so the outermost rest positions [y.
They are relentless in the air bombing South Sudan movable or unmovable targets, and the list is long The AU mediation cases at hand, as we all know, have no reference about security though this matter could have been handled once the borders of the two nations are known.
Schools that have thick, unmovable walls pose a huge problem for the future of public education.
Best described as dark but elegant Riley has the power to shake the unmovable with her voice, making her a definite force to be reckoned with.
You also get a better blow as the firewood is caught between a fast moving axe and an unmovable support.
Pigheadedness in the face of adversity, a commitment to the most basic of core values and, more than anything, an unmovable belief in his players.
First Tunisians, ordinary citizens, together took down their ruthless leader, followed by Egyptians, who managed to dismantle a regime that seemed unmovable and all-powerful.
Her honesty and unmovable faith encourage us not to give up.
The workshop would focus on the archaeological work as part of the plans carried out to rehabilitate the archaeological sites and train the national cadre in different fields of archaeological fieldwork such as survey, excavations, documentation and restoration of movable and unmovable cultural properties.
Seth Clay was simply unmovable at times and would not allow a Sedgley invasion into Barbarians' half amount to anything.
The position statements we traditionally issued were excellent, but perhaps indicated that our views were fixed, unmovable until a new position statement was published.