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His achievement gives hope to many who thought barriers were solid and unmoveable.
But while Adebola is enjoying the moment, he won't allow himself to get too carried away, saying: "I could get injured in a couple of weeks and Kyler could play and I am sure his flick-ons and stuff would produce the same sort of partnership, so things change so quickly in football and I would hate to say that I am unmoveable or be too sure about it.
The land, always firm and unmoveable, opposes the rowdiness and perpetual discord of the sea's ever-changing nature.
MSC Cruises has a price structure based on an unmoveable price for the first passenger, plus various discounts for subsequent passengers up to 100%.
Unlike Jean Chretien, who was almost eerily unmoved in the wake of 9/11 and unmoveable in the months afterward, the British prime minister grasped immediately the bigger picture and outlined it better than President Bush.
The river with its "swirling eddies" (in Li Po's poem: half-visible rocks under the surface of the river--a wonderful image for the cold and unmoveable threat; Pound's image has rather an emphasis on the depth of the problem) creates a feeling of uncertainty and hidden danger, while the "narrows of the river Kiang" suggests a sort of limitedness of possibilities.
Once again Hewitt refused to waver, once again he threw his frame around every millimetre of the blue Masters court and once again his opponent found him as unmoveable as the Great Wall of China.